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About Us

Jo Gordon, the original Resonator.


Resonance is a women’s clothing store where spirit and style meet.

Founded in 2005 by Jo Gordon in Stratford, Ontario, Canada, Resonance helps women fill their wardrobes with clothes that look and feel great for a long time.

We help you shop according to your personal values to create a wardrobe that truly works for your life. Whether it's comfort, colour, sustainability, luxury, or affordability that floats your fashion boat, we can help.

To curate a constantly changing collection, we feature Canadian and European brands, many of which are working toward a more responsible fashion future.

Our boutique is located in a historic building in downtown Stratford and is filled with natural light and positive energy. 

We'd love to see you in person! But in the meantime, we also ship across Canada and to international locations from our always-open web shop.


You know what we mean by Resonance, right?

Seeing a woman's body language change when she's found the exact right outfit for her is so rewarding that we’ve named our store after the phenomenon!

Those jeans, that sweater, the jacket that never fails? You put them together into an outfit .... and soon you're vibrating at the exact right frequency.

You look good, sure. But it's not about what you're wearing. It's about how you feel in what you’re wearing. You feel more like you

That's Resonance.


Customer service is at the heart of what we do. 

We resonate with what you need and want, focusing on service rather than selling. We know our inventory, and we love to share our style knowledge. We respond on all channels, including online, email, phone and Facebook messenger.


The Resonance team includes, left to right, founder Jo Gordon, sales associates Nat Hynd, Cindy Vancoillie and Dina Elliott.



Resonance founder Jo Gordon has been a shop owner in Stratford for more than 30 years, continuing a family legacy of retail in Stratford that stretches back four generations. 

Jo acts as head buyer and finds joy in sourcing high-quality brands that mingle together to create a diverse collection. Every season is different, but she always manages to create visual connections between this season and last, helping customers build on their existing wardrobes while adding new styles to the mix.

Jo lives in Stratford with her family. Her husband Craig Foster owns Foster’s Inn, a boutique inn and restaurant just down the street from Resonance. Her personal style is comfortable luxury, and she owns a few too many striped tops. She also likes yoga, book club, skiing, lakes, and boating.

Jo's fave brand: It's a toss up between Brodie Fine Cashmere and Nic + Zoe.


Cindy has been a Resonance staff member since 2013. She’s great at helping customers find pieces that fit their personal style, using gentle questions and a sense of humour to get to know them. She loves numbers and is great at tracking our inventory. That’s no small feat! 

Cindy likes to select her outfits the night before. It makes getting dressed in the morning easier. Her personal style tends to the casual and comfortable, favouring jeans and a top with a standout belt. She lives in Stratford, where she likes to cook, golf, and hang out with her kids and grandchild. 

Cindy's fave brand: Esprit

 In the photograph, a woman smiles in front of a brick wall, smiling gently at the camera. She has curly brown hair and a charming smile. She's wearing a blue and green patterned top. With her left hand, she grasps a pendant.


Dina has been a Resonance staff member since 2017. She loves helping customers put together outfits for big events. And, with her flair for photos and words, she does a great job documenting how Resonance outfits come together in her Instagram and Facebook posts for our feed.

Dina lives in Tavistock with her family, which includes her husband Dave and two kids, Norah, 10, and Ryan, 5. In addition to her part-time work at Resonance, she’s also a personal trainer and group fitness instructor! So it’s no wonder her personal style is simple and fuss-free. When she’s not working out, Dina likes to hang with her family or curl up with a feel-good movie.

Dina's fave brand: Lolë

In the photograph, a woman stands against a brick wall, smiling at the camera. She wears a rusty brown blouse with short sleeves, and black jeans. She's also wearing a chunky watch.


Nat has been a part-time Resonance staff member since 2018. She’s currently pursuing a degree in Business in Fashion at Humber College, but she still makes frequent appearances at Resonance! Nat loves putting outfits together and encouraging customers to try creative combinations. She also loves packaging up online orders and taking them to the post office! 

Nat lives in Stratford with her family and two dogs, Kenny and Ollie. She’s a volleyball athlete, and though she's not active in the sport at the moment, she still loves to work out. Nat describes her style as a mix of young trends with more mature, classic pieces. She’s inspired by colour and loves monochromatic outfits. At the moment, she's especially into rusty brown.

Nat's fave brand: Part Two 


Daphne is a writer and digital publishing specialist with a background in journalism. As Resonance’s content strategist since 2020, she helps us tell our story through words, pictures and video. 

Daphne also happens to be Jo’s sister! She grew up in Stratford, but now lives in Toronto with her husband and son. She loves reading and writing fiction, photography, cookies, yoga, and the many female friends who have enriched her life.

Daphne's fave brand: Zaket & Plover


If you love people and fashion, and enjoy working independently as well as in a team, you’ll fit right in at Resonance. We offer part-time and full-time work at competitive pay.

We appreciate retail experience, but we're prepared to train you on the ins and outs of a specific role, which may include contributions to our bricks-and-mortar store, our web store, and our social media presence. Comfort with computers is a must, and an interest in photography gives an edge.

Interested in working with us? Send your resume by email, and tell us what you loved about your past work experiences.