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  • 10 gorgeous and splurgy gifts that will bring a sparkle to her eye

    Looking for a generous gift? We've got some ideas If you really want to bring a sparkle to a woman's eye in 2020, you may need to resort to cash...
  • 10 adorable and affordable gifts that will make giving easy

    These adorable accessories are one-size-fits-all, which makes them ideal for gift-giving. This year, shoppers are also on the lookout for for small, light items that are easy to wrap, pack and ship. We are ready to help.

  • How a capsule wardrobe can make your life easier

    Capsule wardrobing makes shopping and getting dressed less time-consuming, more enjoyable, and more sustainable. Everything in your closet fits perfectly. Everything goes with everything. And you're freed up to spend more time, more money, and more energy on things in life that really matter to you.
  • Has your body changed in 2020? Don't worry, we've got your XXL back

    If you're a woman of generous proportions, we know you'll be excited to hear the news. This season, we've got many XXL and a few XXXL finds in stock from brands like Miik, Nic + Zoe, B. Young, Part Two, Zilch, Soya Concept, Esprit, Lolë, and Soia & Kyo.

  • Versatility is the secret for music maven Judy Matheson

    We admire the woman behind the Stratford Summer Music festival for her adaptive personality and her willingness to wear many hats … or should we say scarves? We recently caught up with Matheson, general manager of the festival, to chat about how to build a versatile wardrobe and why scarves are a woman's best friend.

  • Reciprocity makes perfect sense to floral designer Cate Hishon

    We resonate with the entrepreneur's support for our local economy almost as much as we admire her eye for colour. "I definitely love colour," says the floral designer, event coordinator, and owner of Designs By Cate. "Colour really lifts people, especially when you're sending flowers."

  • For artist-entrepreneur Dayna Manning, creativity is a driving force

    We resonate with the Stratford resident's need to express herself in all the ways! “Many people think of me as a singer,” says Dayna Manning, a Juno-nominated folk musician. “And I do love songwriting… but I feel like my life is a work of art."
  • How to love your clothes for a long time

    Truly sustainable fashion takes into account what happens after the item is purchased, including its care and laundering, its expected lifespan, and how it might be reused, recycled or discarded. We've put together some tips for helping Resonators get at least #30wears out of the items they buy.
  • Window shopping is the new shopping, and service is the new norm

    How to safely shop for clothes in a post-lockdown world

    It’s going to take some getting used to touchless shopping. This blog post is designed to update you on the measures we’re taking to protect staff and customers, and what you can expect when you shop at our bricks-and-mortar store.

  • The one piece of clothing every woman needs right now


    Jumpsuits are, without a doubt, a style statement. An eye-catching one-piece alternative to a dress, rompers can be casual or fancy, depending on fabric, fit, and accessories. 

    Their style factor was why I bought many jumpsuits for Resonance this season. But between the time I ordered them and the time they arrived in store, their meaning changed. 

  • 6 brands that make every outfit more affordable


    The magic of these brands is not just that they’re affordable. It’s that they offer great value for the price. That means these super affordable pieces can either help you stay on budget, or create an opportunity to splurge elsewhere -- say, on designer jeans or an embellished sweater. 

  • On International Women’s Day, we stand for equality

    Progress is still needed in the fight for equal rights

    We feel passionately about helping women succeed in the workplace. Maybe that’s because we’re a bunch of women in a workplace! Women make up 100 per cent of our workforce and 100 per cent of our customers as well. 

    That’s why we’re offering 10 per cent off everything on International Women’s Day — Sunday, March 8 — as well as the day prior, Saturday, March 7. We hope this makes it a little easier for women to dress for success in 2020.