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  • A Valentine’s Day gift that will last forever


    It’s the thought that counts. But wouldn’t you rather if your gesture of love lasted for decades, rather than days?

    Coeur De Lion jewellery makes a lasting Valentine’s Day gift, thanks to timeless designs and high quality materials such as stainless steel and Swarovski crystals. Handmade for more than 30 years in Stuttgart, Germany, the brand has become internationally covetable for its uniquely modern designs, which often include square glass beads known as “geoCUBES.”

  • The Resonance Guide to Shopping Online


    Some big ecommerce companies collect information about their customers by tracking online behavior. Then, they analyze the data, write customer service scripts, and train AI bots to suggest items and provide digital customer service.

    We don’t want to do those things. It can feel generic, and being chatted up by a bot can be a turn off to people who value their privacy.

    Instead of using technology to get to know our customers, we gather information organically when our customers opt into a conversation. We think it leads to a longer, stronger, more meaningful relationship. And that’s what Resonance is all about.

  • 3 denim trends you’ll see at Resonance this season — and 2 you won’t


    Just because it’s a trend doesn’t mean you should wear it. My mom, who had great style, taught me this truism, back when I was a teenager. I didn’t really believe her at the time, but now I’ve come to realize...

  • Shop our 2019 Gift Guide

    9 Perfect presents for all the women on your list

    What could be more important than shopping for the women who bring so much light to your life? Our guide makes it easy, focusing on gifts that don’t need to fit precisely. Nieces and daughters, moms and aunties, grandmas, mentors, friends, partners in life and crime — they all deserve a symbolic token of appreciation and care.
  • Black Friday + Wine & Wish

    In-store and on-line, we’ll start the giving season off right for Resonance customers who shop on Nov. 29

    We’re celebrating Black Friday this year with a one-day-only event that’s all about customer appreciation.

  • Coat Drive 2019

    Because every woman should be warm in winter

    Bring us your gently used coats!

    It’s a win-win-win situation! Your coat contribution does three things:

  • Søsken coats are designed for modern lifestyles

    The Montreal-based brand offers layering options for every coat, making them practical for more than one season of the year

    So says Marisa Minicucci, design director at Søsken Studios

  • How to buy and care for a cashmere sweater

    Do some research to avoid the dreaded pilly sleeve syndrome

    Cashmere sweaters, once high-end items that were out of reach for the average person, are now thrilling the fingertips of many. But prices for this super-soft knit can vary dramatically, and so can quality. 


  • Zilch puts a colourful spin on classic styles

    For fall 2019, the Amsterdam-based brand wants to dress you in nature-inspired shades and eye-catching patterns 

    We know it’s weird, but we’re always excited to see fall on the horizon. And this season, it’s especially true. We’ve got a colourful new line in the store that’s got us all excited to see the leaves beginning to turn.

    Zilch is an Amsterdam-based brand that puts colour and pattern in the spotlight, and people are really responding to it in the store. We’ve unpacked several deliveries already, and customers are having a lot of fun with it. 

    We love it because the line is classic and practical in its designs, but the vibrant colour combinations -- along with other tiny design details -- mean it’s far from boring.

  • Resonance street art celebrates our beautiful place in the universe

    Claire Scott’s colourful mural was designed to create an accessible moment of connection to Stratford

    If you’re like us, you love art. We especially love street art, which can provide a surprising moment of resonance where once there was only cement, brick and asphalt.

    That’s why we commissioned an artist to create some positive vibes in front of our bricks-and-mortar store in Stratford, Ont. Along with local artist Claire Scott, the founder of York Lane Art Collective, we’re proud to unveil a vivid new mural on the sidewalk in front of 23 Downie St.

  • 3 grad gifts that are rich with meaning — and sustainable, too

    Pyrrha talisman jewelry is made from 100% reclaimed precious metals

    At Resonance, we guide graduation gift givers to heirloom pieces that will last a lifetime, and Pyrrha talisman jewellery qualifies. The Vancouver-based jewellery brand makes pendants laden with meaning and guaranteed for life.
  • Mother’s Day: A celebration of the women who raised us and the values they passed along

    From nautical stripes to interesting sweaters, my own mom’s classic style still influences how I dress — and how I buy for Resonance

    Some people remember their moms in the kitchen. Others remember their moms in the garden. But whenever I recall how my mother appeared to me as a child, I see her in beautiful clothes.