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  • Now you can shop by size

    How to find everything that fits and nothing that doesn't! We've added a cool new feature to our website that allows you to see only items that are currently available in your size.  This blog post will explain how you can use the Shop By Size feature, along with filters and sorting options, to find exactly what you're looking for on our site.

  • These smart and stylish leather bags are truly luxurious

    Since 2004, Aunts & Uncles has been combining traditional leather techniques with sustainable processes and contemporary styles to create handbags, wallets, backpacks and belts for free spirits.
  • 6 Reasons to Love Wide Crops

      NEW PANT SILHOUETTE DRAWS ATTENTION DOWN  This season's cropped pants with wider legs are showing off our ankles in all their glory, and we find...
  • Zilch brings a sunny vibe to your wardrobe

    Our customers love Zilch because the label is classic and practical in its designs. Still, its vibrant colour combinations mean Zilch is far from boring. The brand chooses sustainable dyes and fabrics, including the natural fibres of bamboo and organic cotton, plus the man-made fibres viscose and lyocell.
  • The best black pieces in the store

    We know it's really hard to see the details that distinguish one black sweater from another when shopping online. Texture, thickness, and the overall quality of dark coloured items are almost impossible to see in a photograph. This blog post is intended to point you towards the black pieces you might not otherwise notice.

  • 10 gorgeous and splurgy gifts that will bring a sparkle to her eye

    Looking for a generous gift? We've got some ideas If you really want to bring a sparkle to a woman's eye in 2020, you may need to resort to cash...
  • 10 adorable and affordable gifts that will make giving easy

    These adorable accessories are one-size-fits-all, which makes them ideal for gift-giving. This year, shoppers are also on the lookout for for small, light items that are easy to wrap, pack and ship. We are ready to help.

  • How a capsule wardrobe can make your life easier

    Capsule wardrobing makes shopping and getting dressed less time-consuming, more enjoyable, and more sustainable. Everything in your closet fits perfectly. Everything goes with everything. And you're freed up to spend more time, more money, and more energy on things in life that really matter to you.
  • Has your body changed in 2020? Don't worry, we've got your XXL back

    If you're a woman of generous proportions, we know you'll be excited to hear the news. This season, we've got many XXL and a few XXXL finds in stock from brands like Miik, Nic + Zoe, B. Young, Part Two, Zilch, Soya Concept, Esprit, Lolë, and Soia & Kyo.

  • Versatility is the secret for music maven Judy Matheson

    We admire the woman behind the Stratford Summer Music festival for her adaptive personality and her willingness to wear many hats … or should we say scarves? We recently caught up with Matheson, general manager of the festival, to chat about how to build a versatile wardrobe and why scarves are a woman's best friend.

  • Reciprocity makes perfect sense to floral designer Cate Hishon

    We resonate with the entrepreneur's support for our local economy almost as much as we admire her eye for colour. "I definitely love colour," says the floral designer, event coordinator, and owner of Designs By Cate. "Colour really lifts people, especially when you're sending flowers."

  • For artist-entrepreneur Dayna Manning, creativity is a driving force

    We resonate with the Stratford resident's need to express herself in all the ways! “Many people think of me as a singer,” says Dayna Manning, a Juno-nominated folk musician. “And I do love songwriting… but I feel like my life is a work of art."