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Princesse Et Dragon Celeste Scarf
Princesse Et Dragon Celeste Scarf
Princesse Et Dragon Celeste Scarf

Princesse Et Dragon Celeste Scarf

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This Merino wool scarf is inspired by the sight of hot air balloons rising into the sky.

  • Fabric: 100% fine Merino wool
  • Size: 78’’ x 27.5’’
  • Style: wool twill individually screen printed by hand
Each scarf comes with branded Princesse Et Dragon jute gift pouch and insert about Montréal Artisan France Dechberry.

Style: wool twill, silkscreened individually by hand

STEP 1: Use suitable detergent

Buy soap or detergent suitable for wool. Merino wool must be washed with a very mild soap to protect its delicate fibres.

IMPORTANT: Never use products that contain bleach to wash your Merino wool.

STEP 2: Get the water ready

Fill a large bowl with tepid water and add the soap. Follow the directions on the label for accurate dosing advice. Ensure that there is enough water to completely submerge the scarf.

Water must be at room temperature, around 68 to 86 oF (20 to 30 oC).

STEP 3: Soak the scarf

Completely submerge the scarf in water and let soak for 2 minutes. Then gently swirl it around in the soapy water for about 1 minute.

Do not soak the wool more than a few minutes as its fibres may lose their shape. 

STEP 4: Rinse the scarf

Rinse the scarf in tepid water to remove excess soap. Rinse a few times until water runs clear.

Make sure that you rinse your scarf in water that is the same temperature as the soaking water.

 STEP 5: Squeeze gently

 Lay the scarf on a towel and press gently to remove excess water.

 IMPORTANT: Do not wring the scarf to squeeze out the water.

STEP 6: Dry flat

Do not hang dry the scarf to dry. It would lose its shape. Instead, lay it flat on a clean surface or on a towel.

That’s it! Follow those easy steps to wash your Merino wool scarf and it will stay gorgeous. You will be able to wear it as long as you want.