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Jewellery from COEUR DE LION can be recognised by the stainless steel quality seal on each necklace and every bracelet - the guarantee for scrupulously checked quality from our workshop.

In addition, each jewellery box contains a certificate of authenticity, which has been certified by the retailer. So we give you signed and sealed quality, guaranteeing that designer jewellery from COEUR DE LION boasts particular quality and longevity.

Manual craftsmanship plays a key role in every phase of manufacturing COEUR DE LION jewellery. From gluing, assembling and threading to sanding and finishing surfaces, dexterity is crucial for the team at our studios. Today, the Stuttgart location employs 150 members of staff to handcraft this luxurious line, 145 of whom are female.

Founder Carola Eckrodt creations have received multiple awards. Having already won the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD SPECIAL 2016 and the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD WINNER 2018, the designer has now also won the GERMAN BRAND AWARD 2019in the ‘Luxury’ category with the COEUR DE LION brand.

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