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Collection: Circle Of Trust

Circle of Trust is recognized by four knots. Three of these knots represent promises made during the creation of the collection. The first knot stands for the responsibility to project a vision, a vision that stands for vigor, hope and courage. We are responsable for our choices.
The second knot stands for consciousness. Circle of Trust seeks to contribute to it’s surroundings by creating an awareness of reality.
The third knot stands for the commitment to pursue clean production and to help manufacturers in doing just that. Circle of Trust accepts the responsibility it’s production channels present. The Fourth knot is the closing knot. It ties differently for each person because this is the promise you make yourself. Each of us needs to accept responsibility for the world we live in. Make a promise, however small, you can make a start by granting the Circle of Trust a chance of succes.
That’s how the Circle of Trust comes into being and it needs you to tie the knot and make it a full circle.
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