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With a passion for innovative knit design, Mother and Daughter Anne Marie and Jessica founded Brodie Cashmere in 2008 to bring a new level of creativity to timeless designs.
Driven by sustainability, Brodie uses the world’s best cashmere yarns to create collections underpinned by sophisticated textures and designs with soul.
BRODIE uses raw cashmere to create all products, deleoping a relationship with farmer herders and factory in Mongolia for over 10 years. The factory workers are artisans of their own trade, with years of experience that craft every jumper.

The classic-with-a-twist essence has garnered a loyal following of women around the world, and designs are inspired by friends, family and our travels from around the world. A BRODIE piece is a friend for life, and Brodie pride themselves on a collection that has something for everyone, and the ability to dress all generations.

For more information on Brodie, shopping and caring for cashmere, read this blog post.
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